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Planning for Medical Treatment Abroad?

Get estimate from 350 + hospitals around the globe. Affordable and quality health care for all.


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Corporate Philosophy

"At Anavara, we believe that you should consult your family Physician, to  take an informed decision, and the best possible treatment, at an affordable cost, in a comfortable environment, and recuperate in palliative place".


Educate yourselves to take informed decisions

Altenative Medicine

Some of the traditional alternative medicines like Ayurveda, herbal have been used since times immemorial


Prevention and treatment of Cancer has been a challenge for the medical fraternity


Most Cardiology conditions are preventable and treatable if you identify with the onset of the condition. 

Dental treatment

Most dental treatments are simple and performed as outpatient treatments.

Medical Visas

Demystifying how the medical visas or normal visas are issued for patients who want to go for treatment abroad

Cosmetic Surgery

First impression and face value has a major role to play in all of our lives. In this techno-savvy scenario, 


Transplants are challenging in finding a donor, related to you and matching your organ typing. 


Prevention is always better than cure. It is a good idea to reduce your weight and exercise before the onset of conditions

Why should you chose Anavara in your quest for medical solutions?

Personalised Services

Anavara has staff on the ground in the countries where you go for treatment – so we can take personal care and get you a service to your requirement at economical cost.

Extensive Network

Whether you want to Undertake Medical Treatment in India Or UAE or anywhere else, Anavara is tied up with more than 350 + hospitals globally – so we can provide you more options and expertise.

Service till you get well

We take care of your requirement even after you return back-like getting you medicines, follow up check up with treating doctor etc.

Captain James

They made appointments and set up contacts for me here in india to have surgery done on my leg. I was received quite well. Primarily Anavara provided advices, accompany and somebody to talk to because I was quite sick, and I am pleased with that. The hospital experience was very good. The room was very lovely. The staff, sisters and doctors were quite good which I was very pleased with…


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