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Dr. Mahesh K. Bandemegal pursued his MS in General Surgery and his M.Ch. in Surgical Oncology from a prestigious medical institute in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He won university gold medal in MS (General Surgery) and M.Ch. (Oncosurgery). Dr Mahesh has worked as an Assistant Professor in Bangalore for 4 years and has done extensive work on Breast Conservative Surgeries, Breast Reconstructions, Sentinel Node Biopsies, Gynecological Malignancies like Primary Cytoreduction for CA Ovary, Peritonectomy and Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy.


His areas of special interest lies in Breast Cancer, Gynecologic Cancer, Head and Neck Cancers, Thoracic Cancers and Organ Preservation Surgeries. Dr Mahesh is a trained Surgical Oncologist, with expertise in treating all types of Head and Neck Cancers and Reconstructions, Lung Cacer and Oesophageal Cancers, with a special emphasis on organ preservation. Dr Mahesh also practices laparoscopic surgery for the treatment of Endometrial Cancer. He is part of a highly specialised team that works in organ preservation for Breast, Mandible, Larynx and Sphincter preservation for Low Rectal Cancers. Dr Bandemegal has developed a unique protocol for the treatment of Breast Cancer and is considered an asset to the organ preservation team.


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