Dr. Ahmed Hassan Elsokkary

Heart -Cardiology

Saudi German Hospital Dubai


Consultant Interventional Cardiologist


About Dr. Ahmed Hassan Elsokkary
Dr. Elsokkary was graduated from Banha University and joined the Military Medical Academy for 10 years. He got his doctorate degree in Cardiology in 2012 and structure program of intervention cardiology 2008 and master degree 2006, Consultant interventional cardiology at Military medical academy at cardiac specialist center. With experience more than 15 years in the field of Cardiovascular Intervention.


Area of Interest

Main Interest in the field of Cardiovascular Intervention

Coronary angioplasty and stenting

Primarily Radial operator

Complex and high riskcoronary artery intervention including : left main disease, Bifurcation lesions, Chronic total occlusion with antegrade and Retrograde recanalization.

Peripheral Arterial intervention

Acute Cardiac Emergencies

Non vascular procedures include :

Echo Doppler study : transthoracic echo and transoesphygeal echo and pharmacological stress echo

Ankle brachial index study for peripheral arterial diseases.



Doctorate Degree in Cardiology

Structure program on intervention cardiology

Master Degree


Experience :
More than 15 Years

Language Spoken :
English & Arabic

Nationality :

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