Dr. Essam El Toukhy

Eyes- Ophthalmology

Saudi German Hospital Dubai


Consultant Ophthalmologist (Ocluoplasty)


Area of Interest


Tears Measurements

Miboflow And Lacripen

All Treatment Options For Dry Eyes : Thermo Apparatus, Meibomian Duct Dilatation, True Tears

Prevention And Non-Surgical Treatment Of Chalazia

Ptosis ; In Children And Adults, Transconjunctival, No Incisions : Especially Mild Degrees By Muller Muscle Surgery

Entropion, Ectropion And Lash Correction

Upper And Lower Lid Bags And Fat Herniation; Transconjunctival, No Incisions

Treatment Of Black Halos

Blepharoplasty And Brow Plasty

Treatment Of Wrinkles : Surgery, Botox, Fillers

Lipodissolvants For Fat Pockets In Young Age

Lid Twitches : Blepharospasm And Hemifacial Spasms

Lacrimal Obstruction And DCR

Lid Masses And Tumors And Xanthelasma

Lid Wounds And Injuries : New And Old

Congenital Lid Anomalies And Hemangiomas

Artificial Eyes

Facial Nerve Palsy : Including Gold Weights

Thyroid Eye Diseases

Orbital Tumors

Orbital Fractures



M.D. ophthalmology

Fellow ,RoyalCollegeof Ophthalmologists (FRCOph),London


Experience :
More than 20 Years

Language Spoken :
English & Arabic

Nationality :

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