Dr. Farida Munawar

Womens specialist- Obstetrics And Gynecology

NMC Royal AbuDhabi


Dr. Farida has 27 years of experience in the field of Obstetrics & Gynecology at reputed hospital in Pakistan & UAE. She worked in Ministry of Health of UAE in Beda Zayed, Ghayathi, Mirfa, Silla and Delma. She worked as Specialist Incharge of Labour & Delivery units.

In 2002, she moved to Corniche Hospital and worked there for 10 years as a Specialist in managing High Risk Pregnancies, early pregnancy complications, medical disorders complicating pregnancies and Infertility.  In 2012, she joined Alrahba Hospital as acting Consultant providing on call cover for high risk & complicated cases attending the hospital.

Her areas of expertise are Management of high Risk antenatal Patients (with H/O preterm labour, Previous Cesarean Sections, Twins, Triplets, etc.), Management of pregnancies with medical complications like Diabetes, Hypertension, Anemia, Thyroid disorders etc, Management of early pregnancy complication including pregnancies of unknown location & viability, Ectopic pregnancies, Miscarriages of different types & Molar pregnancies, Treatment of menstrual irregularities, Treatment of gynecological problems like fibroids, adenomyoses & Endometrioses and Assessment of female infertility.

She is fluent in Arabic, English, Urdu and Punjabi.

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