Dr. G. Arya Prakash


Artemis Hospital Delhi

Designation: Sr. Consultant - Anaesthesia

Specialty : Anaesthesia

Location : Gurugram

Nationality : Indian

Languages Spoken : English, Hindi

Gender : Male



MBBS, Diploma Anaesthesia

Medical School: UCMS, Delhi

Post Graduate Programs: DA, MAMC, Delhi

Graduate Programs: UCMS, Delhi


Brief Profile:

Dr. G. Arya Prakash is a dedicated professional Anesthesiologist with sixteen years of work experience in the field of Anesthesiology, Transplant Anesthesia, Perioperative Medicine and Critical care. He had been associated with Artemis Hospital since 2018.



Delhi Medical Council

Haryana Medical Council

Indian Society Of Anesthesiologists – ISA A0927

Liver Transplant Society India– LTSI/2018/191


Clinical Focus:

Transplant Anesthesia and various protocol based management




• General Anaesthesia Techniques

• Arterial and Central Venous Cannulations including the use of sonosite

• Regional anaesthetic techniques including: Spinals, Epidurals, Combined Spinal- Epidurals, Fascia Iliaca, Bier's block CVP catheter insertions (Internal Jugular, Subclavian, Femoral, Antecubital)

• Transplant Anesthesia – Liver and Kidney transplants

• Transfer of Critically-ill patients

• Fiberoptic intubations and bronchoscopies, Double Lumen Tube insertions

• Percutaneous tracheostomies and routine tracheostomies.

• Intercostal drain insertions

• Endotracheal intubations in Difficult Airways

• Sub-Tenon’s and peribulbar blocks

• Regional blocks- brachial plexus blocks, femoral nerve blocks, use of ultrasound and electronic nerve locators in regional anaesthesia

• Swan Ganz catheterization and PAP monitoring.



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