Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Fathi Ahmed

Heart -Cardiology

Thumbay Ajman

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Fathi Ahmed

Medical Degree: MBBCh

Post-Graduation: MSc (Cardiology), Grad Dip HPE, Diploma in atherosclerosis, Diploma in Total Quality

Management in Healthcare (Dip. TQM)


Speciality: Cardiology

Academic Affiliation

Clinical Lecturer in Cardiology, Affiliated to Gulf Medical University. Teaching for MBBS, BPT, DMD and

Pharm.D undergraduate students under the umbrella of Gulf Medical University


Sub Speciality Training & Area of Interest

 Echocardiography

 Heart failure

 Hypertension

 Dyslipidemia

 Arrhythmias


Area of Expertise

 Noninvasive procedures: Echocardiography (transthoracic, Transesophageal, and Stress Echo),

Treadmill stress testing, Holter monitoring, and Ambulatory BP monitoring.

 Cardiac CT.

 Heart Failure

 Ischeamic Heart disease

 Resistant hypertension.


Membership & Fellowships:

 Fellowship in Cardiac CT and Hybrid Imaging – Univ. of Zurich

 Member of the American Heart Association (AHA)

 Member of the European cardiac society (ESC)



Insight into the nurse’s knowledge and clinical experience of polypharmacy in Ajman, UAE. Journal of

applied pharmaceutical science 02 (02) ; 2012:79-82


Languages Spoken: Arabic & English

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