Dr. Zaid Al Aubaidi

Child specialist -Paediatrics

Al Zahra Dubai


He is a Danish Royal Board-certified pediatric orthopedic surgeon and European certified pediatric orthopedic & spine surgeon with over 10 years’ experience treating musculoskeletal issues in children. He had his fellowship at the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto and was a visiting consultant to Switzerland, Germany, China and Iraq and registered as specialized orthopedic surgeon at the GMC of England and Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Dubai. He has more than 24 published papers


Expertise with special interest:

● Pediatric orthopedics

● Orthopedics-Sports Injuries

● Treatment of Scoliosis

● Spinal deformities

● Kyphosis

● Hip Dysplasia

● Hip preserving surgery

● Pediatric sport injury

● Cerebral palsy

● Tendon transfer

● Tendon release

● Brachial plexus injury

● Pediatric fracture

● Pediatric deformities

● Pediatric foot problem

● Pediatric pelvis

● Pediatric bone infections

● Pediatric joint infections

● Pediatric sport medicine

● Pediatric arthroscopy

● Children musculoskeletal Problems

● Bone lengthening

● Bone deformities surgery

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