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About us
Anavara is a customer-centric Health and Wellness Facilitation company. A global operation with local footprint, we strive to understand the customer’s requirement fully, provide a platform for connecting the customer to the hospital and doctor, and engage in extending all facilities to the customer in undertaking the journey to alleviate his/her condition.

Our Corporate Philosophy is as follows:
"At Anavara, we believe that the client, in consultation with his family Physician, should take an informed decision, to obtain the best possible treatment, at an affordable cost, in an environment which will make him/her comfortable, and recuperate in places which are palliative."

Anavara operates and provides access to medical treatment in the UAE, India, Canada, Bangladesh, Thailand, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary.

We also provide Air Ambulance, Air-Stretcher and other forms of specialised transportation for critically ill persons.

Get 24/7 care right from your phone

  • Get unlimited 24/7 Video Chat with a provider at no extra cost
  • Have a Remote Visit with your primary care provider over video
  • Easily book appointments and renew prescriptions
  • Message with your provider
  • Skip unnecessary trips to the ER or urgent care

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