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Anavara is one of the major facilitators experienced with arranging Commercial airline stretcher services/ Air Ambulance. This is one of the value-added services we offer our clients during emergency situations. Our aero-medical partner team is professionally trained to follow strict medical transportation protocols with a priority of making clients feel at ease. 

The air ambulance planes are equipped with high-end medical equipment to constantly monitor the client's condition.

Our medical transport services are personalised to provide the best service. We offer a complete “bedside-to-bedside” service, starting from getting estimate for treatment, Free Second Opinion, ground ambulance services to and from the airports, Doctor who are well versed in aviation medicine, to ensure the highest care of services for the patient and close family.

Our team liaises with the statutory authorities to obtain the required permission to land / take off the plane.

We also provide a very less expensive commercial flight, air transfer services. In coordination with the airlines, we arrange to remove seats from the plane and get a stretcher installed with all the medical paraphernalia so that the patient can be monitored by the accompanying doctor at all times. This typically costs less than half the cost of the air ambulance and is provided by major airlines across the globe. 

Our services are from bed to bed i.e from where the patient is picked up to the treating hospital in any country. We arrange for the ambulance for pick up, and at the destination country from the airport tarmac to the hospital.