AnavaraPlus is a patient focused, unbiased, and independent mobile app to help patients Search for general and specialist doctors, surgeons and physicians.Patients can

  • Consult doctors

  • Set up appointments online

  • Free online consultation.

  • Estimate for treatment

  • Free Doctor consultation.

  • Find Doctor near me.

  • Location of hospital.

  • Location of clinic.

  • Call doctor online

  • Free app to connect to Doctors

  • Free app to connect to hospitals.

  • Free online information on diseases (from our website)

This is a free service for both the patient and the doctor.

Anavara also has a doctor app (an app for Doctors)

AnavaraPlus increases the trust between doctors, hospitals and patients by making the process transparent and eliminating the barrier of lack of information. We help consumers make a more informed decision based on the rating of the doctor, feedback from clients, response time and cost of consultation.

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