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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the second most common reason for cancer deaths in women in the United States, following lung cancer. In 2016, an estimated 246,000 women were diagnosed of invasive breast cancer out of which 40,540 will be fatal.

Cervical Cancer

Majorly affecting women, cervical cancer is a cancer that originates from the cervix; the lower part of the uterus. In the United States, it is estimated to affect about 12,280 women in 2017, with 4210 of those cases to be fatal.

Liver Cancer

In 2016, liver cancer is estimated to have affected about 40,170 American citizens and taken the lives of 28,920 adults, making it the tenth most common cancer and the fifth and the eighth most common cause of cancer

Lung Cancer

On noticing the title, one would automatically associate lung cancer with cigarette smoking. Your intuition, thanks to the strict regulation and successful public awareness campaigns, does hold true. What was once considered the apex of 

Oesophageal Cancer

A cancer, is to put it simply, is an abnormality formed when the normal cells that comprise a tissue or organ turns into abnormal cells, that unlike its normal counterpart does not die and starts to spread to other regions within the proximity or eve

Ovarian Cancer

With around seven thousand four hundred new cases registered in 2014 alone, ovarian cancer is the sixth most common cancer and the fifth most common cause of death in females in the UK in 2014. Out of 100 females, only 35% survive for ten years or mo

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer has some alarming statistics associated with it being crowned the most common in males, second only to skin cancer in the United States. For reasons unknown, black and Hispanic men run a higher risk of being diagnosed of prostate canc

Skin Cancer

In 2016, the UK was gifted with a sizzling summer, with the hottest day in the past seven years recorded on a September day (1). That however hasn’t stopped families and friends heading out to the beaches to enjoy the breeze and favourable company, m