An exciting opportunity for Doctors to have an enhanced presence on the digital platform. We aim to have the most comprehensive database of doctors in Nigeria- where the app will be a go to for patients to find Doctors in Nigeria.


AnavaraDoc is an app for doctors to register themselves on our platform, that uses the convenience of mobile and internet to make healthcare simpler for doctors and patients alike.

Tasks that were manual like looking up a doctor on yellow pages or word of mouth is replaced by searching with the click of a button on patient's mobile. Using our apps, patients can find a doctor online by location, by city, by speciality and also by rating.

In today's digital world, every doctor has to maintain a strong online presence to attract patients and to provide consumers excellent experience. Anavaradoc app helps doctors to achieve the following for doctors

  • Create and maintain a digital presence.

  • Helps your patients find you by your location or specialty

  • Provide a platform to show your experience and book patients.

  • Respond to patients and set up online with you

  • Display address of your consultation clinic or hospital.

  • Provide online consultation to patients. (2nd opinion)

The listing on AnavaraDoc comes absolutely free for the Doctor.

Register easily using your mobile -Anavaradoc available on google playstore              or Apple appstore            as anavaraDoc. (it will take approximately 15 minutes to download and register - pls have the following on hand before you start the process:

- Passport size photo

- Educational qualification certificates

- MDCN registration certificate

- Other accreditations and credentials.

For questions please mail 

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