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Dr. Murat Cobanoglu

Dr. Murat Cobanoglu

  • Orthopedics
  • Hisar Intercontinental


Education :
 Medicine: Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine
 Expertise: Ankara Muhittin Ülker Training and Research Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery
 Minor: Marmara University Medical Faculty, Department of Neurosurgery, Spinal Surgery, Department of Spinal Surgery, Clinic

Postgraduate Experiences :
 Ankara Çubuk State Hospital Emergency Service Physician (1990-1992)
 Ankara Muhittin Ülker Training and Research Hospital
 Specialization in Neurosurgery (1992-1998)
 Clinic of Neurosurgery of Manisa Akhisar State Hospital (1998-2002)
 Ankara Muhittin Ülker Training and Research Hospital (2002-2004)
 Ankara Oncology Training and Research Hospital (2004-2006)
 Clinic of Neurosurgery, Çorum Private Hospital (2006-2009)
 Muğla Yücelen Hospitals Group (2009-2016)
 Marmara University Medical Faculty Hospital Neurosurgery Clinic
 Dr. Erkan Kaptanoglu Spinal Surgery Clinic Spine – Spinal Surgery Surgery Fellow (2016-2017)

Interests/Special Procedures :
 Neck Hernia
 Waist Shift (Spondylolisthesis)
 Waist Stenosis (Lumbar Stenosis)
 Spinal Cord Tumors
 Pituitary Tumors
 Brain Tumors
 Brain Bleeding
 Brain Aneurysms
 Lumbar Hernia
 Scoliosis
 Kyphosis
 Low Back Pain
 Non-surgical treatment of low back pain
 Non-surgical treatment of lumbar hernia
 Waist Pain Treatment with Spinal Attachment (Epidural Injection)
 Caudal Epidural Injection
 Transforaminal Injection
 Nervous Congestion Diseases
 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Wrist Nerve Jam)
 Kubitel Tunnel Syndrome (Nerve Strain in Elbow)
 Laser Microdiscectomy