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150 - 199



Al Zahra Hospital Dubai, is a regional independent healthcare provider, serving both the local and international communities residing in the UAE by providing personalized, attentive care in a state-of-the-art facility and world-class medical techniques that enable us to offer the very best care for our patients. Their objective is to ensure excellence in all healthcare services for patients and the community and work hand in hand with other public and private hospitals to promote the Emirates and Dubai as a globally recognized destination for healthcare. With the flagship facility in Al Barsha, their mission is to provide the best healthcare – to everyone in the community. That means safely serving patients and their families and creating the best possible environment for everyone that visits the hospital. AZHD has 35 years experience in healthcare and are proud of the high quality and excellent standard of healthcare services they provide which is focused on patient centric care and clinical outcomes.



Cardio Vascular , Endocrinology, Womens specialist- Obstetrics And Gynecology, Mental faculty -Psychiatry, Lungs and respiratory- thoracic, Kidney - reproductive system-Nephro & Urology, Heart -Cardiology, General Surgery, Eyes- Ophthalmology, Ear, Nose and Throad - Otorhinolaryngology, Digestive issues - Gastro enterology- Hepatology, Child specialist -Paediatrics, Cancer -Oncology, Bone and Joint Orthopedics, Trauma and spinal surgery, Beauty -Plastic Surgery and cosmetics, Anaesthetics, .


Urban View from Window
Dr. Yasser Nakhlawi
Urban View from Window
Dr. Marek Sepiolo
Urban View from Window
Dr. Nanor Tchaghiasian
Urban View from Window
Dr. Medhat Habib
Urban View from Window
Dr.Vikram Hundia
Urban View from Window
Dr. Rima Mounla

Facilities Available

International Cuisine and special diet
Family Accommodation
Concierge service


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