Medicana international hospital, Istanbul




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No. of Beds:

150 - 199



Medicana group has 15 hospitals all over Turkey. Medicana group has pioneered medical tourism in Turkey. It has over 27 years experience in Healthcare and developing the Medical Tourism business in Turkey. It prioritizes requirements and the needs / rights of the patients. It also acts ethically providing evidence based up-to-date and highly qualified medicare services for the patients who come to Medicana for treatment.

Since 1992, Medicana Health Group sustains its progression on the way to determine the standards of future healthcare services. Today, Medicana Health Group, which carries on its activities especially in Istanbul and Ankara, constantly provides the most advanced healthcare services in all aspects of health in Konya, Samsun, Sivas and Bursa through its 13 hospitals and 6500 employees on average. Medicana Health Group not only pioneered the development of health tourism in our country, it also became one of the important centers in treatment of international patients in multidisciplinary healthcare. In order to provide sustainable healthcare services, many offices have been established at important locations of the world.

At hospitals of Medicana Health Group; healthcare services, which are fully compatible with the Service Quality Standards of the Ministry of Health and accreditation standards of the Joint Commission International (JCI), are provided in the equal quality with the world’s leading institutions, through its principle based on patient safety and efficient and quality patient care and treatment.  



Allergy and Immunology, Anaesthetics, Beauty -Plastic Surgery and cosmetics, Blood related -Hematology, Bone and Joint Orthopedics, Trauma and spinal surgery, Cancer -Oncology, Child specialist -Paediatrics, Dental - Dentist, Digestive issues - Gastro enterology- Hepatology, Ear, Nose and Throad - Otorhinolaryngology, Eyes- Ophthalmology, Fertility treatment, In Vitro Fertilization, General physician, General Surgery, Heart -Cardiology, Kidney - reproductive system-Nephro & Urology, Lungs and respiratory- thoracic, Mental faculty -Psychiatry, Skin diseases- Dermatology, Womens specialist- Obstetrics And Gynecology, Endocrinology, Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) , Cardio Vascular ,.



Facilities Available

Food and diet services
Accommodation- transport services
Dutch, English, Arabic, German, Italian
24/7 call center
VIP transfer service from airport


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