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800 - 1000



SRMC is a leader in health care delivery in South India providing cutting edge state-of-art care for patients who walk through its portals daily. The Medical Centre is located in a sprawling 175-acre campus that is lush green throughout the year. Sri Ramachandra has the best physicians, surgeons and health care providers across all medical and surgical specialities and sub specialities.
We are the first and only hospital affiliated to a medical university in India that has the privilege of JCI, NABH, NABL and AABB accreditations. This highlights our quest for quality health care delivery and continuous quality improvement.
The hospital facility with 800 beds and 200 Intensive care units, provides healthcare treatment for over 35,000 inpatients and 2,50,000 outpatients every year.

SRMC went to the best medical school in the world to acquire its partner in excellence. In July 1997, collaborated with Harvard Medical International, sealing a partnership that has grown in strength over time. Starting with student exchange, the alliance has spearheaded curriculum reform, focused on health care quality, safety, leadership and faculty development. SRMC is now one of the largest private healthcare infrastructures in India. Today, SRMC has over 750 faculties and three thousand students; it touches the lives of over 3500 patients each day; through its telemedicine network it reaches over 10 centres in the country; through its international wing SRHI, it is reaching out to the global village; it is in the forefront of cutting edge technology - with a wireless campus, computer assisted learning, and keyhole surgery. SRMC looks to the future today - with inspiration from its past; and the strength of its present guided by the vision and blessing of its founder and driven by a passion for excellence.



Cardio Vascular , Endocrinology, Womens specialist- Obstetrics And Gynecology, Skin diseases- Dermatology, Sexual diseases, Organ Transplant, Mental faculty -Psychiatry, Lungs and respiratory- thoracic, Kidney - reproductive system-Nephro & Urology, Heart -Cardiology, General Surgery, General physician, Eyes- Ophthalmology, Ear, Nose and Throad - Otorhinolaryngology, Digestive issues - Gastro enterology- Hepatology, Dental - Dentist, Child specialist -Paediatrics, Cancer -Oncology, Bone and Joint Orthopedics, Trauma and spinal surgery, Blood related -Hematology, Anaesthetics,.


Urban View from Window
Dr. Radha Annamalai
Urban View from Window
Dr. Mary Thomas
Urban View from Window
Dr. C. Arvind Babu
Urban View from Window
Dr. Latha Ravichandran
Urban View from Window
Dr. Vidya Krishna
Urban View from Window
Dr. Saji James

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