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What is Surrogacy?

A practice wherein infertile couples (referred to as Intended Parents/Couple) can hire another woman (often known as Surrogate Mother) to bear and deliver a child on their behalf. Usually, a surrogate mother is hired when the female partner experiences a womb malfunction.

This agreement is minded by a legal document that states the terms on which the surrogacy process is built on. The intending parent(s) accepts to give the best support and care possible and make payments as at when stipulating.

Types of Surrogacy

    • Gestational Surrogacy: The volunteer surrogate will be inseminated with the fertilised egg and the sperm usually of the intended parents(embryo) through the process of In-Vitro-Fertilization. IVF is a manual way of fertilising the egg and sperm outside the human body, when the embryo is formed it will be surgically implanted in the surrogate’s womb. This case is much different from the traditional method as it does not use the surrogate’s egg and therefore the surrogate is not the biological mother. The egg and/or the sperm can be from any individual apart from the surrogate.
    • Traditional Surrogacy : The surrogate volunteers to donate her egg and carries the baby until birth, the surrogate will be the biological mother. This usually takes place when the intended mother is not able to conceive naturally due to various issues such as older age, history of miscarriage, incapable of reproducing, absence of uterus or the uterine wall or cervix deformity.
    • Commercial Surrogacy :An arrangement in which a surrogate is paid for carrying the foetus of the intended couple in her womb. Medical expenses and other expenses of the surrogate are sponsored by the intended parents. A contract or a mutual agreement is signed by the surrogate and the intended parents to avoid disputes over reimbursements of medical expenses and promised compensation.
    • Altruistic Surrogacy : For various reasons, commercial surrogacy was critically questioned by many, calling it an act of exploiting the women below the poverty line. Hence many countries switched to an arrangement called Altruistic. As per this arrangement, a woman could voluntarily come forward and support the intended parents in having a child. The law in many countries allows an Altruistic Surrogate to only avail reimbursement of the medical bill.

Our Surrogacy Process

Anavara provides you with simple steps that will make your journey towards getting a surrogate and becoming a parent easy and less tedious. Here is our step-to-step guide:
  1. Sign-Up and Consultation: When you sign up with our surrogacy agency, you will sign an agreement for our services and will connect to our coordination team who will support you all through your journey.
  2. Match With an Egg and/or Sperm Donor (if needed):If you are in need of traditional surrogacy, we will help you locate an egg or sperm donor as required.
  3. Match With Your Surrogate: Our matching team will begin a process of finding a surrogate for you, based on your criteria, till you approve of one. You will be introduced to your selected surrogate, either in-person or through a video call, and if both parties are satisfied, you will be officially matched.
  4. Legal Agreement: A surrogacy contract should be drafted by your lawyer and should be in reconciliation with the surrogate and her lawyer. If all the terms stated in the contract is accepted by the surrogate, then it will be signed and sealed.
  5. Medical Screening: Your surrogate will go for a medical screening and tests, where she will receive her protocol, begin medications and monitoring. In due time, your surrogate will go for the IVF or embryo transfer.  Your surrogate will keep returning to the clinic for beta tests till a heartbeat is confirmed.
  6. Pregnancy Stage:At this stage, you will continue to develop a strong bond with your surrogate and follow through with the pregnancy and your baby. You can also follow up with the ultrasound and checkups. When the time for delivery is near, you can begin to prepare for the baby’s arrival, packing and travel booking.
  7. Parenthood: Your baby’s arrival is the start of parenting. After packing and travel arrangements are made, you can say goodbye to your surrogate, return home and begin a life of warmth with your child.
  8. Legal Concerns: You have nothing to worry about. Our agency understands the legality of various regions and renders our services accordingly. Our operations vary based on state laws and we partner with hospitals and IVF centres authorized to operate.
  9. Our Surrogacy Cost: We understand how significant parenting is for our clients and the cost that might be incurred with surrogacy services. Therefore, we are dedicated to making your journey more at ease and with flexible financial commitments.

When to go in for Surrogacy?

When the intended mother is not able to produce an egg or is experiencing a womb malfunction. This is known when the intended couple undergo a series of treatments through assisted reproductive techniques like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) themselves.

Identifying an agency

We can see the mushrooming of agencies everywhere to connect patients and hospitals. But many of these are not authorized by the law. These unauthorized agencies promise to get a surrogacy arrangement done for quite a lesser cost than what a legally authorize agency would charge. But the intended couple could be undergoing an arrangement in the unhealthiest environment. They hire surrogate mother breaching the law. Hence it is recommended to know completely about the market practice before calling an agency for assistance.