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Gallbladder Cancer Treatment



Nausea or vomiting

Fever or chills

Chronic diarrhea:


Unusual stools or urine.


It is not clear what causes gallbladder cancer.

IIt is found that gallbladder cancer forms when healthy gallbladder cells develop changes (mutations) in their DNA. These mutations cause cells to grow out of control and to continue living when other cells would normally die. The accumulating cells form a tumor that can grow beyond the gallbladder and spread to other areas of the body.

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The cost of Gallbladder Cancer Treatment in India depends on the stage of cancer which varies from USD 6000 to USD 8000.


Both surgical and nonsurgical treatments are available for Gallbladder Cancer. After complete analysis, doctor recommends the right treatment depending on stage and severity of the disease. Surgery to remove the gallbladder and some of the tissue around it. Part of the liver and nearby lymph nodes may also be removed.



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