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Leukemia - Blood Cancer


Fever and chills

Frequent and unexplained bleeding

Red spots on the skin

Breathing problems


Bone and joint pain

Abdominal symptoms like stomach ache and bloating

Quick weight loss

Swollen nymph nodes

Frequent infections.








High exposure to radiation and radiation therapy

Exposure to Benzene and other chemicals.

Genetic and inherited conditions.

Extnsive Chrmotherapy



More about Treatment

Leukemia is defined as the “cancer of the body’s blood-forming tissues.” The disease most commonly affects white blood cells, which mutate and become cancerous. These cells are are primarily produced in the bone marrow, but certain types are also made in the lymph nodes, spleen and thymus gland.

Treatment method depends on the progress of the disease, its severity and manifestations and are as follows:



Bone Marrow Transplant (Stem Cell therapy)

Radiation Therapy

Blood product transfusion.

Targeted Therapy








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