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Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer


  • sore that doesn't heal or comes back after healing.
  • pale white or yellow flat areas that look like scars.
  • raise and scaly red patches.
  • small, smooth and shiny lumps that are pearly white, pink or red.
  • a pink growth with raised edges and indents in the centre.
  • a growth that has small blood vessels on the surface.


UVC is filtered out by the earth's atmosphere. UVA and UVB damage skin over time, making it more likely for skin cancers to develop. UVB is thought to be the main cause of non-melanoma skin cancer. Artificial sources of UV light, such as sunlamps and tanning beds, also increase your risk of developing skin cancer

More about Treatment

Nonmelanoma skin cancer refers to all the types of cancer that occur in the skin that are not melanoma.

Several types of skin cancer fall within the broader category of nonmelanoma skin cancer, with the most common types being basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

Nonmelanoma skin cancer treatment depends on the type of cancer. Skin cancer treatment usually involves surgery to remove the cancer cells.



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