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Duodenoduodenostomy is an anastomosis (or a surgical connection) between two duodena to bypass an obstructed segment of the duodenum.

It is a procedure that helps in detecting duodenal obstruction created by the annular pancreas. Usually, this method is used in infants and children. It is a primary section of small intestine, nestled beyond the stomach. It's shape resembles a horse-shoe. It is wider than ileum and jejunum. Apart from being wider it is also the shortest part of the small intestine. Its length is almost 25 cms. 

The job of duodenum is to add stomach's secreted things into the small intestine. It absorbs many essential vitamins and minerals. It balances the acidic level of the stomach because duodenum is alkaline in nature. It forms a passage known as hepatoduodenal canal, which directly connects it to the liver. Duodenum prepares enough chyme for digestion. Iron absorption maximum times takes place in duodenum.

Congenital duodenal obstruction is commonly reported among infants and children. Mostly discovered are intestinal/duodenal atresia and stenosis diagnosis involving the neonates. Also noticed is the duodenal web.

It has four categories.

  1. Superior
  2. Inferior
  3. Ascending
  4. Descending


It is also known as the diaphragm and intraluminal diverticular, typically described as half or full obstruction of the duodenum because of the membranous web. A tiny gap is found in the middle of which separates the duodenal web and duodenal atresia.


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