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Reconstructive Surgery

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Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive is a surgical procedure that covers a variety of procedures. It is mainly done to help repair damaged tissues caused due to a wide range of birth defects or else by traumatic injuries caused due to severe burns or disease.


Plastic surgery, which is defined by the surgical techniques, has generally two-components which is reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery.

  • Reconstructive surgery is a surgical procedure to restore function as well as appearance of the human body mainly after illness or accident
  • Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, unlike most surgical specialties are mainly defined by an anatomical area
  • Most reconstructive work requires major operations and covers all aspects of wound healing as well as problems from acquired and traumatic problems
  • Cosmetic surgeries are mainly done to improve the appearance from choice

More about Treatment

Reconstructive surgery is done by the plastic surgeons with an aim to restore the normal function. Plastic surgeons especially mend holes as well as repair damage by transferring the tissue of the body from one part to another. The surgeons also carry out reconstructive procedures in order to improve the appearance of the patient. During the surgical procedure, plastic surgeons through the reconstructive surgery help minimize the visual impact of wound or defect. Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, is an extension of reconstructive surgery expected to improve the appearance.

Different Types and Techniques of Reconstructive Surgeries:

Reconstructive surgery is mainly done based on congenital or acquired conditions. Based on the number of injuries, disfigurement issues or birth effects that arise, there is always a reconstructive procedure, whatever it is, to help improve the problem. Some of them includes:

1. Breast Reconstruction or Reduction Surgery:

For women who have undergone mastectomy or for women who have very large breasts which are causing back problems, this type of surgical procedure is available for them.

2. Skin Graft Surgery for Wound Care:

This reconstructive surgical procedure is available for individuals who have been burned or cut seriously thus requiring skin graft surgery.

3. Microsurgery or Flap Procedures:

These surgical procedures can be performed in order to replace parts of the body affected by injury or due to a disease like cancer.

4. Facial Reconstruction Surgery:

Facial reconstruction surgery is performed in order to correct facial defects like cleft lip or due to breathing problems that are caused due to snoring or due to chronic infections like those that affect sinuses.

5. Surgeries of Feet and Hands:

These surgical procedures are performed on people who are affected by maladies, that includes tumors (cancerous and non-cancerous) as well as webbed or extra toes or fingers.

Reconstructive Surgery - Diagnosis and Treatment Procedures:

These are the treatment procedures of reconstructive surgery:

Prior to the treatment:

  • The person’s normal condition is first determined - whether it is congenital or acquired issue due to trauma
  • A general health checkup is advised by the doctor to be taken to evaluate the overall health condition of the patient before undergoing treatment
  • Detailed medical history of the patient is also evaluated by the doctor before surgery
  • Your surgeon will help you weigh all of the options and help you decide the type of surgery required and the best suits for you

During the treatment:

The person undergoing reconstructive procedure normally goes through any one of the techniques which is skin grafting or tissue expansion or flap surgery or microsurgery

  • After giving anesthesia, a balloon-like device which is called an expander is then inserted. It is inserted under the skin that is near the area to be treated.
  • Once the procedure is done, it is gradually filled with salt water thus causing the skin to stretch and also grow. This surgical procedure is used for tissue expansion
  • In the other case, during flap surgery, a living piece of tissue is usually transferred from one area of the body to another along with the blood vessel
  • A healthy patch of skin is then taken from one part of the body which is also known as the donor area to cover another area where the skin is missing. This is done in skin grafting procedure
  • Microsurgery on the other hand is a procedure that uses magnification as well as very small sutures in order to join together part of very small arteries, nerves as well as veins.

Prognosis, Post-treatment and Recovery:

  • You’ll be given pain medication by the doctor as needed based on the type of procedure
  • Follow-up and frequent check-ups with the doctor will be recommended post-surgery

Will Insurance cover the reconstructive surgery procedure?

Unlike most of the surgical procedures, usually most insurance companies cover the cost of the reconstructive surgery mainly if you're experiencing a functional issue.


1. Is plastic and reconstructive surgery the same?

Reconstructive surgery is one of the surgical procedures that comes under the umbrella or branch of plastic surgery like cosmetic surgery.

2. What is plastic surgery (plastic surgery definition)?

Plastic surgery is a special type of surgery which can change a person's appearance and ability to function.

3. Why is it called plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is called plastic surgery since it is coined from the Greek word plastikos, which means to form or mold taken from material plastic as well.

4. What is plastic and hand surgery?

Plastic surgeons who perform the hand surgery for patients usually seek to restore hand as well as finger function.

5. What is asps plastic surgery?

ASPS plastic surgery or American Society of Plastic Surgeons is a group or committee of surgeons who have the training and experience to perform plastic surgery such as reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery on people.

Top Doctors For Reconstructive Surgery Treatment

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Dr. Sivakumar Plastic and reconstructive surgeon
Dr. K. Sridhar Beauty / Plastic Surgery | Gender: Male | Experience: 37 years | Hospital: SIMS Hospital, Chennai
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Dr. Rajat Goel Bariatric – Weight Reduction | Gender: Male | Experience: 11 years | Hospital: Primus Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi
Dr. Prateek Arora Beauty / Plastic Surgery | Gender: Male | Experience: 10 years | Hospital: Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket
Dr. Angelo Fusco Beauty / Plastic Surgery | Gender: Male | Experience: 24 years | Hospital: RAK Hospital
Dr. M. Nahel Hilal Beauty / Plastic Surgery | Gender: Male | Experience: 25 years | Hospital: Saudi German Hospital
Dr. Naser Dwaik Beauty / Plastic Surgery | Gender: Male | Experience: 19 years | Hospital: Saudi German Hospital
Dr. Angelo Fusco Beauty / Plastic Surgery | Gender: Male | Experience: 20 years | Hospital: Al Zahra Dubai
Dr. John Nesan Beauty / Plastic Surgery | Gender: Male | Experience: 21 years | Hospital: Apollo Spectra Hospitals, MRC Nagar, Chennai
Dr. G. S. Radhakrishnan Beauty / Plastic Surgery | Gender: Male | Experience: 25 years | Hospital: Apollo Spectra Hospitals, MRC Nagar, Chennai
Dr. Manjushree Naik Beauty / Plastic Surgery | Gender: Female | Experience: 25 years | Hospital: Apollo Spectra Hospitals, MRC Nagar, Chennai
Dr. Avtar Singh Bath Beauty / Plastic Surgery | Gender: Male | Experience: 25 years | Hospital: BLK Hospitals

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